History of the Pryluky Plastics Plant

During its 85-year existence, the company has earned a well-deserved reputation in the main areas of its activity

1931 - creation of an electric stamping factory. Manufacturing of switches, plastic inkwells, board games (checkers, dominoes), bed rollers

1934 - renamed to Plastic Factory

1940 - plastics plant was established

1941 - evacuation to Omsk. 80% of factory buildings and structures were destroyed

1943 - production resumed. Getting started with brushing, tooling, chores, soap making, joinery and processing shops

1951-1955 - the release of aminoplastics is mastered

1966 - production of ceramic resins, fiber, polychlorvinyl blocks, brake pads, press products. Powerful reconstruction of the plant: construction of new buildings, structures, social facilities

1985 - production of more than 250 items

1993 - production of polyvinyl chloride plastics is started

2003 - creation of a subsidiary company "Plastmas" LLC "TD Plastmas - Pryluky"

2016 - creation on the basis of the enterprise of the technopolis "Plastmas-grad"