Building Sector

Screw-in pipe for protecting the screw and the formwork distance

The polyethylene pipe protects the formwork studs from concrete and serves as a limiter of the thickness of the formwork when it is installed. Additionally, cones are required.

Length and wall thickness on request

Lock Stand 20/25/30

The latch is used for horizontal reinforcement and creates a protective layer between the reinforcement and the formwork deck.

Polyethylene film

The product is necessary for sheltering objects during construction work, when pouring floors or building a roof

Cone formwork pipe retainer

The cone provides tight contact of the protective tube-limiter with the formwork surface and prevents the possible penetration of concrete into the tube

Heating wires

Conductors: single wire of soft steel or soft steel galvanized wire

Conductors insulation: in the form of a continuous concentric layer of polyvinyl chloride plastic compound or high-pressure polyethylene